Marbles: The Brain Store [is amazing]

Today, I went to Marbles: The Brain Store to get a Father’s Day present. Upon entering, I was greeted by a worker there who told me not to worry—that the store was not as intimidating as it looked and that all the games in the store were set up and could be played there. Plus, everything was organized by category (for example, critical thinking games, books, et cetera were grouped together).

So I started my search, hoping to find an interesting book and a puzzle or a game. While I scavenged, another sales associate at the store offered to help me, and he enthusiastically showed me a great book (accompanied by his rave review) called “Forbidden Knowledge,” published by mental_floss. It has seven sections (corresponding to the deadly sins) filled with random facts. For example, the Lust section has “Famous Scientists Who Shared More Than Equations” and “Strangest Aphrodisiacs.” I also picked out a game called Link 26 after searching for something fun within my price range.

When I went to check out, the man checking me out (hahaha) played a game with me before ringing up my items. It was the nicest customer service I have received. I swear I almost felt like I was being hit on (and hey, they were cute, slightly geeky, intelligent men) except for the part where I had thrown on a random tank top and drove to the mall after sweating at work for the better portion of three hours, so that was not the case. :P

Other than interesting games (like ColorKu: color Suduku) and trivia and memory books, I found some interesting music books on its website. There is a book with music puzzles called Marbles Mind Music (created with WFMT) and the book Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks, which I know has an interesting section on synesthesia

They only have locations in Illinois, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, but The Brain Store is worth a peek even if it’s just online. I will definitely be going back to play games and to get a book to read.